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'Movies Like Shame': Best NC-17 Movies

We really should have one of those little pop up things that porn sites have making you confirm your age. Ah hell, like that's ever stopped an underage kid. So, whatever your age, enjoy this cornucopia of smut, blood, and nihilism!

'Where did YOU prep?': Prep School Drama

What could be more painful than having to wear your top button done up at all times? Well, how about systemic bullying, abusive teachers, and anti-semitism? The students at these schools have to contend with some combination of the above.

Movies Like Tomboy: Transgender Drama Movies

These poignant stories of transgendered individuals fighting to assert their true identity in an intolerant society. Make sure to give 'Tomboy' a watch for a compelling coming-of-age drama.

'Movies Like An American Crime': Unthinkable Childhood Abuse Stories

Heart-wrenching dramas depicting the sexual abuse of children and adolescents by men without conscience, including 'The Woodsman', 'Michael', and 'Sleepers'. Not light-viewing!

'Catastrophes of the Cloth': Catholic Scandals Exposed

Dramas based on fictional and historical scandals faced by the Catholic church.