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'Movies Like The Tuxedo': Spy Movies to Watch if You Hate Yourself!

Do you hate yourself, and does your self-loathing somehow, on some deep psychological plane, tie in to an obsession with espionage? If so, then this is the list for you.

Chris Rock Movies

Chris Rock is the Eddie Murphy of our generation (no offense Eddie - you're the Eddie Murphy of our generation too.) Whether he's playing a worn-out father, the new president of the United States, or an animated zebra, it's nigh on impossible to resist Rock's mischievous charm.

'Movies Like The Bourne Identity': Special Agents Kicking Ass

Modern movies in the vein of the Bourne trilogy: from MI6 to CIA, FBI to DEA, this list features the best of contemporary ass-kicking agents as they teach terrorists their place. Our question: when are they going to make a movie about a tough-nut NSA agent who can monitor conversations like no other?