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List Of 1986 Films

Stand by us when we say Police Academy 3 was the greatest movie of 1986. Thank you.

'Deans be Damned!': Frat Party Hall-of-Famers

From 'Revenge of the Nerds' to 'Animal House', watch these college knuckleheads battle crusty deans, meatheads, and the occasional enraged girlfriend, all to defend their sacred, right to throw massive keggers while dressed in bedsheets!

Movies Like Porky's: Raunchy 80s Comedy

Notice, not one poster features a fully-clad woman! And you can't accuse anyone of sexism, because the producers are probably all senile by now. Blameless enjoyment for all! Make sure to check out 'Porky's' for 'Superbad' before 'Superbad'.