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'Movies Like Old School': Hilarious Frat Movies

Listen up Freshman, you're going to watch each and every of these frat comedies... while standing on one leg, and eating this whole bag of onions. Do you want in or not?

'Superbad Before Superbad': Classic Teen Sex Comedy

It appears teen SexComs have been around as long as teenagers have been sex-obsessed morons (and censors have allowed swearing, nudity, and copious drug references on the screen). Enjoy such raunchy classics as 'Porky's', 'Animal House', and 'Meatballs'!

Best 70s Comedy

So when exactly did Steve Martin NOT have grey hair is one of many questions we have exploring this collection of the very best comedies the 1970s has to offer. Make sure to check out 'Being There' for a surprisingly sensitive dramedic treat!

'Deans be Damned!': Frat Party Hall-of-Famers

From 'Revenge of the Nerds' to 'Animal House', watch these college knuckleheads battle crusty deans, meatheads, and the occasional enraged girlfriend, all to defend their sacred, right to throw massive keggers while dressed in bedsheets!

Movies Like Porky's: Raunchy 80s Comedy

Notice, not one poster features a fully-clad woman! And you can't accuse anyone of sexism, because the producers are probably all senile by now. Blameless enjoyment for all! Make sure to check out 'Porky's' for 'Superbad' before 'Superbad'.

'Movies Like Animal House': The National Lampoon Glory Days

This collection witnesses the glory days of the National Lampoon, before they birthed 'Glory Daze' and it all started going down hill. Ah well, revisit better times with such classics as 'Animal House', 'Vacation', and 'Loaded Weapon 1'.