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'Movies Like Remember the Titans': Inspirational High School Football Movies

Movies in the vein of 'Friday Night Lights' or 'Remember the Titans': high-school football teams carry a town's hopes and dreams on their broad, sweaty shoulders.

'Movies Like Stand By Me': Coming-of-Age Americana Classics

The most nostalgic coming-of-age gems from decades past: featuring endless summers, short shorts, and slightly baked graduates pondering 'what now?' The American dream distilled.

Cruise in the 80s, Never Cooler

Tom Cruise may have produced some good stuff since, but he's never matched himself for sheer coolness since the 80s - just look how many posters he's wearing sunglasses on.

Classic Teen Romance Movies

Flash back to those high school days of giggles, kisses, tears, hormones, and -realistically- rejection. Lots and lots of rejection. Oh well, in these movies the underdog always gets the girl at least!

Classic American-Football Drama

The best pig-skin packed sports dramas from over the decades, including tearjerker 'Brian's Song' and warming underdog story 'Rudy'.

Classic High-School Sports Drama

High-School is hard enough without crippling injury, abusive coaches, and locker-room drama. But wouldn't you brave it all to date a cheerleader?

'Movies Like Raging Bull': Sports Drama Classics

Old favorites, jam-packed with motivational speeches, dogged coaches, and emotional underdog stories. Make sure to check out 'Brian's Song' for a bromantic biopic guaranteed to get the waterworks flowing!

'Movies Like Remember the Titans': Best Football Movies

The best american football movies around, from Denzel's masterpiece performance 'Remember the Titans' to classic tearjerker 'Brian's Song'.

'No Mines for Me!': Working Class Escapes

This collection chronicles the indomitable will of working class lads and lasses as they seek greener pastures. Their escape takes many forms - dance, sports, even rocketry.