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'Movies Like Paid in Full': Rapper Turnt Actor Flicks

General MacArthur once said old soldiers never die, they just fade away. The same holds true for rappers apparently, the difference being instead of fading away they act in limited-release movies.

'Movies Like Blue Streak': Best Black 90s Movies

A truly eclectic bunch of movies that attempts to portray the African-American experience from different angles.

'Tickets Out': Street Sports Drama

Movies in the vein of 'Hardball', focusing on disadvantaged urban youths for whom sports are a way out..if they choose to take it. Check out 'Above the Rim' for a fantastic basketball based drama starring none other than Tupac!

'Movies like Baby Boy': Urban Gangster Drama

In the vein of 'Boyz N' The Hood': gritty urban dramas focusing on young gang-bangers as they battle rival gangs, addiction, and crooked police in an attempt to survive on the meanest of streets.

'Movies Like Hoosiers': Best Basketball Movies

From surprisingly good RomCom 'Love & Basketball' to uplifting underdog tale 'Hoosiers', this collection of basketball based movies is sure to please true fans.

'Movies Like Boyz N The Hood': African American Inner City Drama Movies

These films attempt to portray inner-city African Americans dealing with systemic racism and a host of societal evils.

Tupac Movies

Tupac Shakur, AKA 2Pac, AKA Makavelli, AKA Lesane Parish Crooks (look it up), was a bestselling American rapper and actor from the EAST-coast. While most people are more familiar with his musical career, there are definitely some worthwhile selections in his filmography: including 'Bullet' and 'Above the Rim'. So pick a flick and kick back in your very own thugz mansion.