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Challenging Skinhead Movies

A collection of gritty dramas focused on the 'skinhead' phenomenon: some decry racism, other explore the musical context, and some are simply challenging coming-of-age flicks. But all delve inside the heads of those who decided to shave theirs!

'Brits Get Grit': British Social Realism

Ever since Dickens, the Brits have had a fascination with the social realist aesthetic: unflinching, unromanticized portrayals of working class life. Enjoy the best examples of this gritty genre from 1990 onwards (and check out our 'Kitchen Sink Classics' for the movement's progenitor).

'Movies Like Trainspotting': The Wee List A' Scottish NEDS

Movies in the vein of 'Neds': this wee collection of Scottish lowlife crime is sure to leave you Glasgow-grinning from ear to ear. Some guidance for our foreign viewers: Chib = knife, Bas = bastard, Bairn = baby, Ned = Non Educated Delinquent!

'Glesga tae Embra': Scottish Social Realism

From Glesga (Glasgow) tae Embra (Edinburgh), these gritty depictions of Scottish working-class struggles show life in Scotia is more difficult than tossing logs and eating delicious oatmeal.